Comeherefloyd-review ‘The soup’

With vibrating rhythms and emotions, Noukko’s ‘The Soup’ is a dance along the river banks of salutation and loving looks. A tantalizing vision of grandeur, whittled down to a wholesome dew. A rhythm of emotions, saturated by the mists of time.

Noukko’s somewhat operatic gleans of goodness is that saturation, as the honesty of the gray, sparks altercations of doubt and hope.

Said Noukko: “‘The soup’ is yet another idea about a little thing called ‘our existence’. It haunted me for a few weeks, while I was working on the lyrics. Our own mortality is one thing, but eternity is another. Thank god we’re human, so we let daily business forget this beyond vertigo-experience.”

Anouk Kool is Noukko. The Netherlands based artist is well, an artist. She frames and paints through her videos and song lyrics.

The song was written, recorded, produced and mixed by Noukko. Mastered by Michel van Schie.

Noukko ‘The soup’ : Rhythm of emotions, saturated by the mists of time.