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Review written by Comeherefloyd

Anouk Kool is NOUKKO. The Netherlands based artist is well, an artist. She frames and paints through her videos and song lyrics. She’s a particular charge of electrons, weaving through this life, picking leaves from the tree of life, for her collection of journal albums. And in her single ‘Just There’, that patronage to that sometimes hard to consume and ultra-personal declaration, comes through in spades. The calm of her presentation of being boxed-in, is in itself a freeing exercise. “I’m always surprised with ‘whatever happens’ has to offer me,” NOUKKO explained. “In the song I’m wondering why (in popular culture) this is never enough; things have to be processed and processed and processed by the best of every discipline until they are considered ready… I don’t believe in singer-songwriter as a genre. And it shouldn’t be a ‘rule’ that in every serious production the-best-of-the-best is actually required. So this is basically what the song is about: sometimes it’s right in front of you and it can be enough. All you have to do is notice it.” NOUKKO is her work of surprises and dynamic under-tones. And that’s plenty special.

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